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December 14, 2017

A friend and fellow music lyrics explorer recently reminded how powerful this song is. It has long been one of my favorites and I use it for reflection. Reflection is important when trying to figure out how to move forward. What I have learned is, reflection is nowhere near as important as living for today. If you don’t, you won’t be open to God’s plan for you and the true beauty in your life.

I have been blessed with four incredible children. Jake, Katie, Leia, and Ben. I hope I can instill that lesson into their lives and make sure they know one other little bit of wisdom:

When you are confused or in a dark place, music is a powerful beacon of light. God will help you through. And if you ever get lost, call your old man. I will bring you home.

Today is day 9 of recovery for me and today is a good day. Make it count!

December 12, 2017


Haven’t posted in awhile. Depression is hard. It actually presents 2 sets of sadness and pain. The first set comes with the fog that surrounds and swallows you up. The 2nd set comes if you are lucky enough to emerge from that fog. Then with new clarity you feel the pain and sadness of the damage left in your wake.

Be kind to all you see the holiday season. There are a great many people who desperately need it.

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