These Walls

Life is…

Hard. Difficult. Painful. Isolating. Lonely. Beautiful. Full of light. Loving. Precious. Inspiring.

If you have ever felt any of those emotions, one thing is certain. You are alive. We tend to build walls to protect ourselves from the painful parts of life. Constantly we build those barriers, brick by brick as life wears us down.

Those barriers can also keep out the light, hide the beauty and awe of your life. If walls you must build, be sure to leave some space between the stones, maybe even a window or a door. And remember this:

We are all connected.

So don’t create your own prison. Reaching out to others in kindness is still the most powerful medicine to heal your broken heart and hurting soul.

We can’t do this alone. Reach out to someone. Connect. For you. For them.

Don’t let these walls keep you from love and joy.

Get up. Get out. Go spread kindness and beak down the walls.

“I’ve been here many times before
Don’t know which road I must go
My mind is full of so many thoughts
My heart beats on and on
All my love, all my love, oh

Have you been here many times before?
Do you cut your wings so that you’ll fall?
Can you break on through to the other side?
Do you tell yourself things that ain’t so kind?
Can you feel the worms wiggle in my mind?

And these walls, they won’t crumble
And they won’t let me get out of here
And these walls stand so tall
The flowers they’ll all disappear
And the voices surround me
Again and again, creep behind me
Bringing me down
Bringing me down

And these walls, they won’t crumble
And they won’t let me get out of here
And these walls twist and turn
The devil inside me returns
As he smiles towards me
Again and again, holds me, chokes me
Burning me down
Burning me down

Burning me down

Be love. Be kind. We are all comnected. Life is better with a soundtrack.

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